How Simmons Bedding Company “Walks the Talk”

ATLANTA – May 7, 2014 – For Simmons® Hospitality Bedding, an innovator in hospitality bedding, sustainability is not simply an initiative, but a defining characteristic of how it does business. The company adheres to the principles of sustainability in all aspects of its operations, from product development and manufacturing to logistics. One example? Since 2007, they have recycled more than 23 million pounds of materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

“I applaud Simmons for being a community leader in the advancement of sustainability initiatives,” said Gerry Chase, president and chief operating officer, New Castle Hotels and Resorts. “It’s very rewarding to see a company committed to doing the right thing.”

Sustainability initiatives continue to grow in importance to hospitality companies globally. Dave Lippert, vice president of Architecture and Construction Procurement for Marriott International, said they made the strategic decision to join MindClik Global, an industry consortium designed to help global brands green their supply chain, in order for them to further their own sustainability efforts. Simmons Hospitality Bedding is also a member.

“This program brought Marriott and our suppliers to the table to further enhance our sustainability initiatives as a brand,” said Lippert. “Our goal is to work with suppliers that are leaders in sustainability and bring the best products and opportunities to market. Simmons is a key partner and really focusing on sustainability across many measures – design, manufacturing, delivery and recycling.”

Following is a quick snapshot of Simmons’ innovative approach to sustainability and its impact:

Zero Waste

Simmons’ commitment to sustainability starts in the factory with its zero-waste policy. Over the past two years, it has reduced scrap production by 40 percent.

Energy Efficient Plants

By installing the latest high-efficiency lighting and equipment in many of their plants, Simmons has reduced energy use by almost 40 percent. Additionally, Simmons’ plants are strategically located to minimize the use of fuel and energy during the delivery process.

Environmentally Responsible Products

“Almost everything that’s in a mattress is recyclable and many of our products use sustainable materials to begin with,” says Steve Tipton, vice president, Simmons Hospitality Bedding.

All Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® springs contain recycled steel. Many of the fabrics used in mattress production are derived from cultivated wood fibers to be partially sustainable. These fabrics also meet Oeko-Tex 100 standards, which are internationally recognized safety guidelines for harmful substances. Additionally, the wood used in Simmons EnduroTECH™ foundation is sourced from sustainable forests, carries a 20-year warranty and can be 100 percent recycled at the end of its useful life.

Mattress Innovation

To add to the longevity and useful life of its products, Simmons also pioneered industry first innovations. EverNU® is one of them. A completely removable and replaceable quilted mattress top, it zips on and off to refresh the fabric and foam layer of a soiled or worn mattress, restoring it to new. It’s a green initiative that also represents a great value to hotels. As an added layer of protection, Beautyrest® mattresses also feature an exclusive Nano-Tex™ stain-resistance treatment embedded into the fabric.

“EverNU can help a hotel reduce the total cost of ownership of that product by as much as 50 percent,” says Tipton. “Now that coupled with the fact that our EnduroTECH foundation has a life expectancy of 20-plus years? That’s a real game-changer for our hospitality clients.”

Mattress Recycling Program

Simmons has partnered with Global Sustainability Solutions (GSS) to offer mattress recycling services to the hospitality marketplace. The program provides mattress installation, removal and recycling, including delivery coordination to a designated recycling plant. It’s a cost-effective, hassle-free service that streamlines the mattress replacement process and battles landfill waste.

“Old mattresses are nearly 100 percent recyclable, which means our industry produces one of the most sustainable products in the marketplace,” says Tipton. “State-sponsored programs and legislation lay a solid foundation for industry-wide policy change, and we hope sustainability initiatives like Simmons’ encourage other bedding manufacturers to follow suit.”

Chase emphasized sustainability is really about doing the right thing.

“Not wasting or abusing the environment just makes sense,” he said. “Guests recognize it’s the right thing to do. Millennials have grown up knowing we have to conserve resources.  They ask more questions, push boundaries and will expect more than other generations. We choose our suppliers carefully and their sustainability practices are an important factor in the selection process. Going forward, I think you will see more and more support for sustainability. It’s not a tagline, it’s simply good business.”

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